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A Regulated Pharmacy putting Healthcare Professionals & Patient Safety First

A Regulated Pharmacy putting Healthcare Professionals & Patient Safety First

Moving with the Rules – A Regulated Pharmacy

MedivaPharma has continuously demonstrated our position in ‘keeping medical aesthetics medical’, we’re a pharmacy that refuses to support non-medics. Our principles and values focus on the promotion of patient safety, ethical clinical practice, working for more regulation in the aesthetics industry, control of medical device supplies to medical professionals only, and complying with GPhC regulations. Recently, we have made some key changes to our pharmacy process to comply with GPhC (General Pharmaceutical Council) regulations and guidance, essential for good practice. This will include the requirement for patient consent to pharmacy services (As required by GPhC regulations). Our aim, as ever, is to support genuine healthcare professionals who provide ethical patient support.

The GPhC states a pharmacy must acquire patient consent in any and all services provided by the pharmacy. So we’re making a start!

MedivaPharma will lead this initiative as part of our mission to become the most ethical and responsible pharmacy in the aesthetics industry and continue to promote the need to keep medical aesthetics medical. We believe that only healthcare professionals should have access to pharmaceutical aesthetic products and that pharmaceutical practices are carried out in order to protect the integrity of reputable prescribing professionals, and promote patient safety and choice.

We will be campaigning for stronger regulation in the aesthetics and pharmaceuticals industry. We want to see more pharmacies choosing to support only licensed healthcare professionals, promote patient safety, and work with GPhC, NMC, GMC, GDC official guidelines and regulations.

Download the prescription template and patient consent form here and read more about the GPhC pharmacy regulations here under section 4.1 ‘Patient Choice’

We need your support and we welcome your input!