Anti-Ageing Eye Contour

Homecare Anti-Ageing Eye Contour

Anti-Ageing Treatment

Eye Contour


Brand: Medi+derma by Sesderma


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Anti-Ageing Eye Contour

Homecare Anti-Ageing Eye Contour is part of the Sesderma & Mediderma Anti-Ageing Treatment range for prevention and treatment of signs of chronological skin ageing: expression lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, luminosity and tone.


Eye contour with 3 types of retinol encapsulated in lipid bubbles. It delivers a constant and effective dose of vitamin A to the skin, with high tolerance.


Retinol/Retinaldehyde/Retinyl System – Anti-wrinkle peptides – Vitamin C- Hyaluronic Acid – TGF-B2 Growth Factor


Light emulsion that incorporates an efficient combination of 3 retinoids encapsulated in lipid bubbles so as to protect the active ingredients from oxidation and increase their efficacy.

The molecules have different action speeds thus providing an optimal, gradual release of the active. In this way, therapeutic levels of retinoid, release are achieved over a longer period, reducing side effects associated to excess active ingredients.

Part of the Sesderma & Mediderma Homecare range available at MedivaPharma

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