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Homecare Anti-Ageing Facial Cream Gel

Anti-Ageing Treatment

Facial Cream Gel


Brand: Medi+derma by Sesderma


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Anti-Ageing Facial Cream Gel

Homecare Anti-Ageing Facial Cream Gel is part of the Sesderma & Mediderma Anti-Ageing Treatment range for prevention and treatment of signs of chronological skin ageing: expression lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, luminosity and tone.


Anti-ageing facial gel with free liposomed glycolic acid which renews, regenerates and hydrates the skin.


Glycolic acid (10%) – Ergothioneine – Stem cells of Eryngium maritimum.


The most complete high performance anti-ageing formula is combined with the deep action of glycolic acid liposomes, which guarantee unheard of levels of penetration.

Glycolic acid (GA) is an active ingredient of natural origin of great hydrating, exfoliating and regenerating power.

Part of the Sesderma & Mediderma Homecare range available at MedivaPharma

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