Homecare Cream Gel SPF50




Brand: Medi+derma by Sesderma


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Cream Gel SPF50 – 30ml

Homecare Photo-protector Treatments – Line of sunscreen products which protect skin from UVB-UVA radiation. Indicated to prevent, soothe and repair cellular damage caused by solar radiation (burns, wrinkles, irregular tone). They provide care and protection for the skin all year long.


Liposomed sunscreen in cream gel texture with repairing enzymes which grants the skin more long-lasting protection (SPF50) and may help repair cellular damage caused by ultraviolet rays.


Sun Filters – Repairing Enzymes


Solar UV radiation is capable of distorting and modifying DNA structures in our cells by forming thymine dimers in their chains. As a consequence, wrinkles, blemishes and burns appear. A silent but visible damage on the skin which we can now repair.

Cream gel photo protector with repairing enzymes reinforced protection and helps repair the skins own DNA.

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