Homecare Firming Body Cream

Homecare Firming Body Cream

Body Treatment

Firming Body Cream


Brand: Medi+derma by Sesderma


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Homecare Firming Body Cream

Homecare body care products help treat the most common skin problems including: Dehydration, Cellulite, and Flaccidity.

Homecare Firming Body Cream helps to prevent and treat body flaccidity in arms, buttocks, chest and abdomen. After application, skin feels, firmer, taut and smooth.

DMAE (diethylaminoethyl or deanol) – Lactic Acid

DMAE firms, tightens and smoothes the skin using two mechanisms:

DMAE increases the release of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that decreases as we age. This component is responsible for sending signals to nerves and muscles and from nerve to nerve, consequently improving muscle tone.

DMAE it stimulates collagen synthesis. reducing wrinkles and increasing skin elasticity.

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