Homecare Sebum Regulator Facial Cream

Homecare Sebum Regulator Facial Cream

Sebum-Regulating Treatment

Facial Cream


Brand: Medi+derma by Sesderma


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Homecare Sebum Regulator Facial Cream

Homecare Sebum Regulator products by Mediderma are formulated specifically with purifying and exfoliating active ingredients , in order to prevent and reduce acne lesions, regulate sebum secretion and eliminate skin impurities. Sebum Regulating products helps achieve a more matte and homogeneous skin tone, helping to reduce acne signs.


Designed to help prevent and improve acne lesions, achieving a smoother and more purified skin.


Sebum-regulator complex – Nicotinamide – Salicylic acid – Aloe barbadensis – Zinc Salts


Salicylic Acid – free and liposomed – produces efficient exfoliation on the skin surface, helping prevent sebum retention and control bacteria leading to inflammation and acne. The sebum regulator complex and zinc salts reduce fat production, giving the skin a matte effect. Niacinamide, aloe barbadensis and plant extracts soothe and calm irritated skin.

Part of the Sesderma & Mediderma Homecare range available at MedivaPharma

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