Hyaluronic Acid

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Size: 1 x 2ml

3.2% – 32 mg (H-HA) + 32 mg (L-HA)/2 ml
Hyaluronic acid sodium salt = 64 mg of hyaluronic acid in a 2ml pre-filled syringe + 2 needles

Needles: 2 x 29G 0.5”



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Owing to its specific and patented technology, the HA chains of different molecular weights present in PROFHILO, interact with each other giving unique rheological characteristics. This technology, based on the formation of hybrid HA complexes, have made it possible reach a concentration of 64mg of HA in a 2 ml syringe. The stabilized hybrid complexes of PROFHILO permit the:

  • Restabilisation of the physiological levels
    endogenous hyaluronic acid,
  • Improvement of skin turgor

PROFHILO® is particularly indicated for the treatment of skin laxity in the malar and submalar areas and must be injected in the deep dermis.



As a stabilised product Profhilo lasts in the skin around 28 days. During this time the stimulation of 4 different types of collagen and elastin takes place by slow release of HA.

The stimulation results in significant tissue improvement. Therefore we cannot say that Profhilo is a skin booster as it also has a significant tightening / lifting effect on the tissue.


There are many characteristics that make Profhilo unique from anything else available on the market right now. There is no BDDE content. It is thermally cross-linked generating stabilised hybrid co-operative complexes of H-HA and L-HA. Despite its high HA content, it has a low inflammatory profile coupled with pro-healing properties backed by clinical studies. To fully understand this new concept in anti-ageing medicine we have to take a look at the technology first.

MedivaPharma is an official distributor of Profhilo, and Aliaxin injectable products. For further information and product prices please login or contact the pharmacy team directly.


Profhilo is not a dermal filler or biorevitaliser – Profhilo has opened up a new injectable category – bioremodeling.

Thermal cross-linking changes the character and behavior of the HA resulting in the formation of co-operative hybrid complexes which modulate the tissues. This is also the explanation for the different biological behavior with respect to H-HA and L-HA alone. One of the main advantages is longevity. Hybrid cooperative complexes have proven to be very stable with natural hyaluronidase (BTH) digestion when compared to H-HA, widely used in biorevitalisation products, or L-HA alone resulting in the long-lasting release and the dual action of the two HA components. This dual action is ideal for remodeling skin laxity.

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