Retises Nanopeel 1% Gel
Retises Nanopeel 1% Gel

Retises Nanopeel 1% Gel

Liposomed Retinol

Liposomed retinol gel (15ml) ideal for photo-ageing, damaged skin, hyper-pigmentation, scars, and distension stretch marks.

Brand: Sesderma / Mediderma

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Retises Nanopeel 1% Gel 15ml

Retises Nanopeel 1% Gel

Properties of Retinol
Retinol is a retinoid precursor of retinoic acid. It accelerates mitosis, increases enzymatic activity and normalises keratinisation. It nourishes the skin, prevents the appearance of new wrinkles, reduces the depth of existing wrinkles, and increases the skin’s elasticity. Furthermore, retinol attenuates the blemishes caused by excessive exposure to UV radiation, regulating mobility and proliferation of melanocytes. These peels can be used in combination with other anti-ageing, repairing or depigmenting treatments (chemical peels, laser or IPL).


Liposomed retinol.


Photoageing, hyper-pigmentation, scars and distension stretch marks.

How to Use

Apply on the area to be treated or focally on the lesion. Allow to act for approximately 8 hours. After this time, wash the treated area.

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