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60 Seconds with MedivaPharma Pharmacy

60 Seconds with MedivaPharma Pharmacy

          60 Seconds with MedivaPharma as featured in the Aesthetics Journal October 2018. 

What does MedivaPharma stand for?

MedivaPharma is a medical aesthetics pharmacy committed to supporting healthcare professionals by providing an ethical and responsible pharmacy service that enhances patient safety and responsible clinical practice. The pharmacy has recently received outstanding support from clients for our efforts to implement a (GPhC) regulated prescription dispensing process designed to protect genuine healthcare professionals and patient rights. We’re heading in the right direction.


What can you do for your customers?

We work with over 2000+ healthcare professionals and we’re welcoming more and more new customers to our pharmacy ever week. We want to work with people that share our values and principles, from this we gain the best client relationships that has contributed to our pharmacy growth as well as the growth and success enjoyed by our clients.


       Supply of quality, genuine and licensed aesthetic products

       Bespoke business support for our regular customers

       Market leading deals on a range of medical aesthetic products

       Exceptional customer service, we pride ourselves on our service

       Supporting licensed healthcare professionals in aesthetics


What does the future hold?

MedivaPharma has grown substantially year on year, exceeding expectations, and yet there is so much more for us to do. We proudly work with thousands of healthcare professionals and we have developed a set of principles designed to support trained, licensed medical professionals that value patient safety above all else.

Since the implementation of our pharmacy prescription process, justifying the need for greater regulation and responsible pharmacy practices, MedivaPharma has received a record number of new customers who have signed up to the pharmacy.

Our plan is to reach out and explore opportunities with UK partners, training providers, and education outlets to develop our range of pharmacy services. Our customer base is growing rapidly so we’re looking at new exciting opportunities going forward.

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