Perfectha Derm

Perfectha Derm

Dermal Filler

Perfectha Derm

Size: 1 x 1ml

Designed for the correction of facial contours, wrinkles, and lips.

Manufacturer: Sinclair UK, partner of MedivaPharmacy

CE Certified


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Perfectha Derm

PERFECTHA®  and Perfectha Derm is a range of gels made of a 20mg/ml HA concentration. Each gel has the same HA concentration, however the cross-linking within each gel influences the rheological properties enabling a range of gels to be produced. In particular, what differentiates PERFECTHA® gels is the particle size: the bigger the particles, the greater the volumizing effect, and the longer-lasting the results. Each PERFECTHA® gel is unique and designed to best meet specific needs: depending on the treated areas, the volume needed and the depth of injection required, a different variant will be used.

MedivaPharmacy is an official pharmacy distributor of PERFECTHA products. For further information and product prices please login or contact the pharmacy team directly.

Training and support information is available with Sinclair Pharma and Sinclair College

PERFECTHA range includes: Perfectha Fine Lines, Perfectha Complement, Perfectha Derm, Perfectha Deep, Perfectha Subskin

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